Saturday, November 7, 2020

My Office

So this is just a fun post for a change. Once in a blue moon someone gets curious, so I decided to make a place I could point people to just to introduce the cubbyhole I have and how I work! Alright, alright, alright!

I use a MacBook Pro so hat I can run also both Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual computers. I need all three operating systems because I have many clients who use Mac, and I cannot easily (or legally) put MacOS on a PC.  I run the Mac in "clamshell" mode (closed) in a BookArc on the left edge of the desk (you can see that in a picture below).

That giant 4K 55" screen on the wall which is great for meetings and training. Well, it's giant for this office, it's a third of the length of the wall! You can see everybody in a Zoom meeting at the same time from across the room. Or your favorite American Football or even Association Football team, a.k.a.  "SOCcer" for "association". Yeah, I'm one of those.

On my desk is a 34' Samsung Thunderbolt gaming monitor, which is almost enough real-estate for teaching classes.  With that width I can get the window that I'm sharing and my notes or a browser window next to it. I like it better than dual monitors, I can't stand the split between those.