Saturday, April 7, 2018

Renewing a TLS Certificate for IIS HTTP and FTP

A existing TLS certificate for IIS may be renewed without creating a renewal request, by having the issuer provide the updated certificate using the original public key. The example here uses GoDaddy as the issuer.

Part 1 - Install Intermediate Certificates

Godaddy provides a zip file with the new certificate and one or more intermediaries. Extract the files and install the intermediaries using the Certificates snap-in for MMC. In some servers you can get directly there by searching for "Manage Computer Certificates." If that doesn't work open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC):

Friday, March 30, 2018

Grails Cannot Build Ellucian SSB Application

Applies to Banner 9 and Grails 2.5

After cloning a Banner 9 SSB app and adding the plugins, it will not compile! The underlying problem is that in some cases Grails looses the core repository when it is trying to install some dependencies. These are examples of messages that may indicate this problem:

| Error An error occurred installing the plugin [markdown-1.0.0.RC1]: Unable to delete file C:\Users\Administrator\.grails\2.5.0\projects\SelfServiceBannerGeneralEventManagement\plugins\markdown-1.0.0.RC1\lib\remark-0.9.3.jar

Thursday, January 25, 2018

VS Code and the Node Version Manager

nvm is not compatible with the npm config "prefix" option: currently set to "/usr/local"

We can fix it! Jump to the end if you just want to know what to do, the middle explains why you need to do it.

This error was especially difficult to run down, which is why it warrants documenting it here. Ultimately it was a combination of how Node.js is installed, the Node Version Manager (nvm), a feature of the bash shell (3.6.2) in MacOS High Sierra, and that Visual Studio Code starts an integrated terminal with a login shell that triggered it. I have not explored any other Mac systems, and Linux systems could be affected as well. Similar behavior likely means the same problem is occurring.